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General Services provides cost effective services for public entities throughout the state of South Carolina.

ATTENTION: New Parking Procedures for McEachern Facility 

For details on important changes in procedure affecting the Capitol Complex Parking facility, go here.

 State Fleet Emergency Service Program
State Fleet customers have access to after-hour emergency service for state vehicles through the Emergency Service Program. The program is available to most customers that have Commercial Vendor Repair Program (CVRP) service agreements with State Fleet. Call (803) 737-1088 or 737-1605 if you have questions about this program.

 After Hour Building Services Requests
Requests for conditioning of buildings after hours or on weekends should be made by contacting the Facilities Management call center and filing a work request. This is the same procedure for reporting custodial, horticulture, parking, and maintenance needs in and around buildings owned and operated by the Budget and Control Board. Call 734-3308, 734-3528 or send an e-mail to woreq@gs.sc.gov. Work requests should include the caller's full name, agency, phone number, service location and a detailed description of the request.

 STATE HOUSE EVENTS - Use of State House and State House Grounds
The South Carolina Budget and Control Board’s Division of General Services permits persons, organizations or groups to use the State House and State House grounds for various purposes and events when the use will not interfere with or disrupt governmental functions. Requests to schedule an organized activity at the State House or on State House grounds should be submitted by e-mail to the State House Events Coordinator at scstatehouseevents@gs.sc.gov.

A “State House Event Information Form” must be completed and the “Conditions for Use of South Carolina State House and Grounds” read and signed. Upon receipt of your request, the Division of General Services will review and notify you of approval. If you have any questions, please contact the Division of General Services at (803) 737-3880.

Note: Many of our documents are available as Adobe® PDF files.

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