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Real Property Services, on behalf of the Budget and Control Board, is directed to identify all state-owned properties, whether titled in the name of the State or an agency or department, and all agencies and departments of state government are, upon request, to provide to Real Property Services all documents related to the title acquisition of the real properties that are occupied or used by the agency or titled in the name of the agency. Accordingly, Real Property Services maintains an inventory of all state properties. The information contained in the inventory database is provided by the agencies and institutions that control and/or operate the properties as required by SC Code §1-11-58.

Utilization Categories:

  • Fully Utilized - The property is currently in use and will continue to be in use for the foreseeable future.
  • Partially Utilized - The property is not fully utilized at this time, but is being used by the agency.
  • Surplus - The property is not being used and has no planned use for the next three years.
  • Held - The property is not fully utilized, but is being held for future requirement.

(NOTE: This is not a list of state properties available for sale. For information on state properties currently available for sale, please visit the Real Property Sales link.)

 Property Reports 

  • Excel File  MS Excel File - Building Report
  • Excel File  MS Excel File - Land Report

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