Surplus Property Office - GSA Low Mileage Vehicles
Surplus Property Office
1441 Boston Avenue
West Columbia, SC
FAX (803)896-6899


(State Agency fraud only)


These vehicles are former federal government fleet vehicles with low mileage.

Once these vehicles are received at the Surplus Property Office, they will be available to our Donees and will go through our State Property cycle procedure.

Since this information is updated daily, it is ALWAYS best to call ahead to see if the vehicle is still available.

Call Jeremy Applewhite at (803) 896-6892 or for more information you can also send email to

Vehicle Request PDF

 Vehicle Requests      [ Updated: 9/16/11 - 11:58 AM ]
We are currently accepting vehicle requests that you may have to fill your fleet needs. We realize that due to the current economic situation that you may have limited resources. Please keep in mind we can usually cut in half the price you pay for a vehicle verses buying a new vehicle or leasing. Give us a description of the type of vehicles that you are searching for and we will put you on our WANT list. When this vehicle arrives we will contact you and let you know that it is here for your inspection. Please feel free to contact us 803-896-6880 or

If you have a vehicle request please let us know.